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Can I have my cocktail to go?

Born in Upstate NY, Gold N Go is set out to create the highest quality cocktails that can go with you wherever you go.

It’s time we debloat our mornings and lighten the loads in our coolers; Gold N Go enables you to kick the habit of drinking too many high volume, low-abv artificial canned cocktails and opt into something higher quality, higher abv and more to-go friendly. After all, we create Real Cocktails Made To Go.

Here at Gold N Go, we aim to set the gold standard of ready to drink cocktails. We stay true to our namesake by creating the most delicious, highest quality cocktails made to go.

Gold N Go Real Cocktails are all-natural and made with premium spirits and real fruit juices and are packaged in the most portable, resealable glass bottles. There are never any artificial flavors, colors, or sugars in any of our gold cocktails. When sipping our Gold Cocktails, you can rest assured that you are drinking a bar-quality cocktail.

Life can be unpredictable, your cocktail doesn’t have to be. Bring along a bar in a bottle to your next adventure as our Gold N Go Real Cocktails are ready to go with you.

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